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What clothes do they wear in UAE?

Probably one of the most asked questions by most travellers when taking the route of UAE is ‘what kind of dresses are worn by the locals in the city?”. You might be unsure of whether to keep your tresses left open or covered. You think if you can wear a bikini for the beach or for the waterparks or not or whether it is fine to wear short dresses at the mall and restaurants.

Here you will get a clear view of what people wear in UAE.

What Do Travellers Wear in Dubai?

Dubai is open-minded when it comes to incorporating dress codes and laws. It doesn’t impose any strict rules on menswear or even womenswear. Just like the public and tourists, the clothing style is international too. Travellers are allowed to wear dresses of their choice in Dubai that ranges from sleeveless tops to shorts and even burqas. However, one must not forget that Dubai is one of the Muslim countries and that the travellers must dress and behave accordingly. So if you are clouded with doubts, always pick a safe clothing option.

What Do They Wear in Malls and Restaurants?

You will mostly see both men and women dressed modestly in Dubai hotels, restaurants and malls. The people visiting these places prefer covering their knees and shoulders. But you will also find people who don’t abide by this rule in fashion wear. People at tourist places wear what they want. However, the rules are stricter when you are visiting the city during Ramadan.

Men are expected to wear closed shoes and long trousers and women are free to wear sandals. As for beachwear, they aren’t allowed inside the restaurants but are only entertained at the beaches and swimming pools.

What Do They Wear at the Beach, Water Parks and Swimming Pools?

All kinds of full-covered Islamic swimsuits and beachwear is allowed at the waterparks, pools and beaches. The top-notch hotels like The Palm and the Aquaventure Waterpark allow all kinds of beach-friendly fashion wear. However, the only rule is that you are not allowed to be nude.

What is Worn at the Rural Places, Traditional Market Places, and UAE Mosques?

Other than Dubai locals, you will also find Muslims from various other countries at the older places of the city like Gold Souk and Spice Souk, who are either tourists or ex-pats. Here, you can expect lesser stares from people if you choose to wear conservative clothes. For those planning on visiting a mosque in the Emirates, you must forget about shorts and sleeveless dresses at home.

Both men and women are advised to wear dresses that can cover their legs and arms. The mosques which allow non-muslims entry, generally offer appropriate clothing when required.

What Does Solo Women Travellers Wear in Dubai?

If a woman is travelling alone or with her group of friends, especially at night then it is expected that she wears modest clothes. While it might be completely on you what you choose to wear, always remember wearing simple and modest clothes might save you from all kinds of strange stares from men.

Are Warm Clothes Worn in Dubai?

Only summer fashion wear is prevalent in Dubai. However, you can always choose to thin sweaters for cooler evenings during winter or when you are inside the malls. Even during December, people don’t need a sweater, despite staying inside chilled air-conditioned malls and hotels. But if you aren’t too much of a chilled person, you can always carry a thin sweater or denim jacket with you.

What Do They Wear in Winters?

People wear warm clothes during the months of December-January. The weather is warm during the day and you can do away with a simple t-shirt. But the weather turns cold during the night. Take a pair of long skirts, or even pants along with a sweater when packing for the Dubai trip. A light jacket will also do if you have planned evening trips during your stay in the city.

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