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Top 10 Best Luxury Clothing Brands in the World

The increasing popularity of luxury brands online is indicative of future sales. No matter the price of products, consumers look forward to having luxury dresses from the luxury brand in their collections. Most luxury clothing brands embrace online channels to engage, widen their reach and have more affluent consumers.

One of the main reasons to be online is to be relevant to new consumers. The brand popularity, social media conversations, along with data sources showcase the future top brands. A luxury brand has to be innovative to stand out from the crowd and offer customer loyalty and unique design. This can help the brands retain the attention of its potential group for longer.

So, why not choose from the women clothing section of a luxury brand in your next purchase?

Top 10 Luxury Brands to Pick From

  1. Burberry

It is a famous British brand with unique trench coats and has check patterns. Though of British origin, it has spread to Asia and many other countries. Its expensive items include:

  • A three-quarter double-breasted trench coat was sold for $94,904 in 2017 in London
  • There are a few stocks of Burberry women’s trench coats from peacock feathers worth $30,310
  1. Christian Dior

It has been a popular French luxury brand in the market since 1946. It is a popular option with the fashion house Jacqueline Kennedy by celebrities like Natalie Portman and Charlize Theron. Besides clothing, the cosmetics line is also famous.

The expensive brand items are:

  • The Christian Dior gown by Nicole Kidman was famous during the 1997 Oscar awards by John Galliano, worth $2 million
  • White peplum dress by Charlize Theron worth $100, 000
  1. Balenciaga

Balenciaga is another cult fashion brand that is growing in popularity daily. The popularity lies behind the out-of-the-box designs, which keep it ahead of the trend. This is how it has played a major player in the industry for years now. It is pushing the traditional and fashion boundaries and coming up with new and unusual. This makes it among the top fashion brands that fashionistas prefer.

  1. Nike

It is among the top apparel and shoe brands to make its place in stores. In 2016, it overtook Louis Vuitton, a famous apparel brand, as per Forbes. The brand is making its place with its price and different models.

  1. Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani, by Giorgio Armani, is a popular luxury clothing brand that aims at fashion lovers from 20 to 30 years. For this, they have to make trendy, modern, and luxury dresses. Whilst having a low price than its main brand, it can stay with the high fashion brand trends. The pieces are common in Milan Fashion Week and preferable by celebrities, the iconic name is coming up with cutting-edge options, both in the formal and the casual segment.

  1. Louis Vuitton

Initially, it became popular for luxury luggage trucks and leather goods, the French brand by Louis Vuitton in 1854 is run by Bernard Arnault, the richest person on the world list. The new branch segment includes jewellery and accessories. It is popular among celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and Angelina Jolie. The expensive items are:

  • Steiff Louis Vuitton Teddy Bear worth $2.1 million
  • A Pur Oud perfume – 2000 bottles with the natural essence of oud of $1470
  1. Prada

The Italian fashion brand by Mario Prada is a popular choice since 1913. Now, his youngest granddaughter runs the brand, and it is preferable for the quirky aesthetics. Its leather handbags are popular stuff. The expensive item includes Papaya Hobo bag worth $8600.

  1. Hugo Boss

Quality and stylish designs are the USPs of this luxury German clothing brand since its inception in 1924 under Hugo Ferdinand Boss. It is a leading apparel producer, with 14000 employees operating across 80 countries. It has Italian influence and affordable items.

  1. Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole is a popular design luxury label consistent with the latest designs and fashion trends. High-end retail stores and budget-friendly sale stores offer the brand’s items. It maintains a chic yet simple style finish on its products.

  1. Allen Solly

If you are looking for western women clothing collections, Allen Solly is a popular fashion lifestyle brand. Affluent consumers prefer the brand, and it is the first to introduce trendy work fashion for women. The comfortable and casual clothing options make it among the top global brands.

Final Thoughts

Luxury dresses for men and women are what most top brands cater to these days. MLS Clothiers has it in plenty, helping individuals showcase their style statement in the best way possible. Celebrate inner beauty and body shape without compromising your fashion taste.