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How to choose the best luxury handbags for women?

How to choose the best luxury handbags for women

Are you a fan of designer women handbags but also on the lookout for best options?

They can quickly glam you up and give your outfit a little touch of flair. Therefore, this advice will assist you in choosing the greatest luxury handbag for you.

Model And Brand

It’s possibly one of the most crucial elements. In today’s market, every brand has a distinct position and amount of desirability. Bags with distinctive, recognizable, or odd models will always command premium prices.

High-end luxury labels stand to keep more than 70% of their initial selling prices.


A handbag’s worth is significantly influenced by the material used to make it. In general, leather purses are more expensive than those made of fabric or fake leather. Exotic leathers are frequently rarer and more costly than ordinary types.

You will be shocked to learn how much the choice of material affects the final selling price for the same product of a certain brand that is built of several materials.

Choose The Correct Handbag Size

The first thing to think about when purchasing handbags or designer dresses is the appropriate size for your body type. This will assist you in selecting the handbag that will complement your appearance the best. Just bear in mind that, regardless of how chic and exquisite your handbag may be, it will be out of style if it doesn’t complement your body.

Most fashion gurus advise choosing tiny purses to go with your attire if you’re short and petite. This is because choosing large purses will make you appear smaller. On the other side, you must stay away from these little bags if you are tall and thin.


Products from several high-end manufacturers are hand-stitched. Although they can take longer to make, the quality is considerably greater than what you would obtain from other fashion items that are machine-stitched.

To preserve the structural strength of the bag, those with more skilled workmanship frequently use smaller threads and a larger stitch-per-inch ratio.


You should first think about your finances. Your budget could, in some situations, dictate what you can buy and what brand you can buy because different brands have quite varying pricing ranges.

Specify The Function Of The Bag

What will you use the bag for next, exactly? Is it a one-time event only? everyday designer dresses? Big or little? If this is your first bag, we advise investing in something that will always be fashionable and that you can use for many situations.

To achieve this, pick neutral colours like black, cream, or grey and a medium-sized bag like a Chanel Classic Flap that has space for almost everything you’d need, whether it’s day or night.

Since bags are sometimes viewed as being fairly casual, they might not be something you want to bring to dinner because they aren’t as adaptable.

Used Or New

You could choose to purchase a luxury handbag on consignment depending on your spending limit. Pre-owned women clothing is a terrific way to save money while still being ecologically responsible. And when it comes to justifications for purchasing used goods, it is the tip of the iceberg.

Depending on the seller you buy it from, some pre-owned designer bags might appear to be brand new and still include the box, dustbag, and even the original bag.

Since anything you buy brand-new often loses some value the first time you use it, it will even retain it’s worth longer.


Even while buying used items is fantastic, you still need to conduct your research and make sure the seller of your handbag is trustworthy. Pick a business that sells reputable second-hand luxury items. There are several horrifying tales of people who were defrauded.

You may select the ideal luxury bag for you with the help of these suggestions, and you’ll be able to make the long-awaited fashion investment you’ve always wanted.

Is Investing in a Luxury Handbag a Good Idea?

Luxury women handbags are pricey; thus some people think spending money on them is “a waste” or a “lot.” However, depending on the type of bag you select, some high-end bags can keep their value and turn out to be worthwhile purchases.

You would be able to resale a Herm├Ęs Birkin for a lot more money than what you bought if you ever managed to get your hands on one, especially if it was made of rare skin. It’s more straightforward to talk about than to buy a bag this renowned.